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Rock Maze

Let us help you
navigate advertising
in ethnic markets

Imagine having a personal assistant that handles your ethnic marketing...
at no additional cost.

Well now you don't have to imagine anymore.  

We specialize in placing ads on your behalf in ethnic markets with no added cost.  We present the same rates to you as you would receive directly from the media outlet and the outlets will give us a commission from their cut. Not yours.

With the same budget, you can place the ads yourselves OR you can save time by having us negotiate prices & bonuses, advocate for advantageous placements where you could get the most impressions and handle multiple media outlets so you don't have to keep track of all your ad campaigns.  The choice is yours.

Buying Ad Space

Planning Media

Strategizing Together


We've had the honor to serve many big clients as well as small businesses.  Whatever your goal is, we'll make it ours too.

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